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 =PF= Forum Rules 2014

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PostSubject: =PF= Forum Rules 2014   Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:28 pm

=PF= PokeFreak Forum Rules

At PokeFreak forums, we have a few simple rules to keep this place in check. Staff will enforce if broken consistently.

Warning Strike System
If rules are broken badly, forum mods and admins will issue you a warning strike
Here are the levels of strikes.

1 Strike
The first strike is nothing more than a strict warning.

2 Strikes
The second strike result a 1 week suspension. (If the user attempts to make another account, their IP address will be banned.)

3 Strikes
The third strike results a full ban. Their username, email and IP address is banned from the forums.

The Forum Rules

1) No spam, trolling or advertising of any sort. People who only join the forum to do this will either be issued a warning strike or a instant ban (depending how severe it is).

2) Keep it PG-13 leveled. Meaning, minimum cursing and minimum Ecchi posting. Anything not suitable for users under 17 is to be kept in the Mature Forum section (these rules don't apply to the Mature Section).

3) No short posts or image only responses. While this is common on Facebook, here at PF Forums we are more discussion friendly. Short posts or image only posts, will be deleted to maintain post quality.

4) Do not get off topic in a thread or bump threads older than 1-2 weeks. These threads/posts will get either deleted or locked.

5) No large signatures or avatars. Avatars are to be higher than 200x200 pixels and the signature sections shouldn't take up too much space. Users who have a large signature and avatar will have it removed and asked to resize it (or edited for them).

These are all the forum rules as of February 2014. Rules are subject to change.
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=PF= Forum Rules 2014
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